This is so tedious.

I am obviously going to be learning on the fly. This is not a new concept for me. I have been learning technology stuff by trial and error since I was six or seven years old, on my first computer which ran DOS.

All I am saying is patient with me. This website has an overall vision and is dedicated to those afflicted with mental illness of all kinds. I must figure out how websites work, as my last one was a Blogger that I customized. And, wow, things are far more complicated now.

I was led to believe it was easy.

While I have some doubts as to my success, I am incredibly determined to bring this idea to fruition, even if it does end up poorly. This is not the drag and drop interface I wanted, and it doesn’t play nice with Dreamweaver, so I’m perplexed.


If I cannot find an easier way to accomplish what I want, I’m leaving.